Alutrack Light Dock

Boat weight < 650 kg. Depending on the usage and the terrain Light Dock rail length is up from 7,5 m. It is usually constructed of 2,5 m long rail pairs joined together to obtain required length. The length can be 7,5 m, 10 m, 12,5 m, etc. Also the 5 m rails, as in Big Dock, can be used.

While afloat the boat is attached to the sledge and then pulled up using either hand winch or power winch.

Assembly of Light Dock is basically the same as the assembly of Big Dock with the exception of the lenght of the rails (2,5 m) and just one attachment tube. See Big Dock instructions.

NEW! Available for the Light Dock additional support to the front sledge (image below).

Alutrack Video